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Angle Protector0 - 360°
Bevel Protector0 - 360°
Bore Gauge (with Dial)0 - 300mm
Bore Gauge (without Dial)0 - 300mm
Caliper Checker0 - 600mm
Coating Thickness Gaugeabove 700μm
Combination Set0 - 180°
Comparator Stand300 X 300mm
Depth Gauge0 - 1000mm
Depth Vernier0 - 1000mm
Depth Vernier Caliper0 - 1000mm
Dial Caliper0 - 1000mm
Dial Gauge0 - 50mm
Dial Indicator0 - 50mm
Dial Plunger0 - 50mm
Dial Thikness Gauge0 - 25mm
Dial vernier caliper0 - 1000mm
Digital caliper0 - 1000mm
Digital Indicator0 - 50mm
Digital Vernier caliper0 - 1000mm
Digital Coating Thikness Gaugeabove 700μm
Digital Height Gauge0 - 1000mm
Digital Micrometer0 - 600mm
Digital Torque Wrench0 - 2000Nm
Electrometerabove 700μm
Straight EdgeUpto 4 m
External Micrometer0 - 600mm
Feeler Gauge0 - 1.0 mm
Floating Carriage Gauge0 - 175mm
Flow CupUpto 100mmø
Force GaugeUpto 250kgf
Force MeterUpto 250kgf
Gauge Block0 - 100mm
Granite Surface Plate4000 X 2000mm
Height Gauge0 - 1000mm
Height Master0 - 600mm
Inch Tape0 - 50m
Inside micrometer0 - 1000mm
Internal Caliper0 - 75mm
Length Gauge0 - 1000mm
Linear Height Gauge0 - 1000mm
Magnetic V Block0 - 200mm
Manifold Gauge
Master Cylinder600mm
Measuring Scale0 - 2000mm
Measuring Tape0 - 50m
Micrometer0 - 600mm
Outside Micrometer0 - 600mm
Pitch Gauge5mm
Plain Plug Gauge0.5 - 100mm
Plain Ring Gauge0.5 - 150mm
Plunger Dial Gauge0 - 50mm
Profile Projector600mmø
Radious Gauge25mm
Sieves0 - 150mm
Slip Gauge0 - 100mm
Snap Gauge2 - 100mm
Spirit Level0 - 1inch
Steel Scale0 - 2000mm
Steel Tape0 - 50m
Straight EdgeUpto 4m
Surface Plate4000 X 2000mm
Taper GaugeUpto 100mm
Thread Plug GaugeUpto 100mm
Three Point Mictometer0 - 100mm
Torque Wrench Tester0 - 2000Nm
Torque Wrench0 - 2000Nm
Try Square0 - 600mm
V- Block0 - 200mm
Vernier Caliper0 - 1000mm
Vernier Height Gauge0 - 1000mm